MMM 003: “D23 UPDATE”

It’s all things D23! We’ll be recapping the big D23 event in Anaheim California and share what we learned about all of the cool entertainment offerings that Disney will be bringing to us in the coming year! THEME PARKS Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (Disneyland & Walt Disney World) Pixar Pier (Disney’s California Adventure) Mickey & […]

MMM 001: “SEQUELS” (Premiere Episode)

In this new segment to podcast, we’ll show you a birds eye into movies and the entertainment industry. In this episode, we will be talking about sequels and franchises. Why sequels have become so important in Hollywood and what they bring to the box office. JAWS 2 – 1978 (IMDb) RED NOSE DAY ACTUALLY – […]

My Music: NPR Music, All Songs +1

John Paul White Sings The Song That Changed His Life This past week I was at the 17th annual Americana Music Festival & Conference in Nashville, listening to and having conversations with musicians. One songwriter and singer I’ve admired from the world of Americana during this decade is John Paul White, whom you may know […]

UPDATE: NEW! Audio Ad For Lennon Design

Recently the need for an audio ad arose within Lennon Design, in order to promote it through a few podcasts and other channels. To assist me with this need I reached out to my dear friend Michael Reagan from the Social Nature Company, to write the add for me. Once written it was forward to his […]