REVIEW: “Puddle’s Pity Party” (Concert)

Like a lot of people, I became aware of Puddle’s Pity Party on America’s Got Talent! Since then diving deep into his catalog and admiring that incredible voice! Going into Tuesday’s show, I was expecting something but experienced something quite different! I purchased the Meet & Greet, which occurred about 2 hours before the show! They […]

John Paul White: Newport Folk 2017

“If you came to this set looking to be cheered up, you’re screwed,” John Paul White deadpanned from the stage at Newport. The comment drew laughs from the assembled crowd, but there was a wry truth to it: Eerie harmonies and Kelli Jones’ fiddle shrouded White’s tender songs in a dark, mournful beauty. Take, for […]

Joe Rogan Experience #906: “Henry Rollins”

Back in the late 90s, I was introduced to the world of HENRY ROLLINS through my friend Stuart Southgate. Over the next few years, Stu and I saw Henry do spoken word show in Idaho and perform atthe now gone Club DV8. where we got to meet him before his show. Enjoy his interview below with Joe Rogan! […]


Before the death of Leonard Cohen, I was only casually aware of his work and music. He is best well know for writing and recording “Hallelujah,” which has been covered by over 200 artists including 2 versions (John Cale & Rufus Wainwright) featured in the Dreamworks Film “Shrek”and it’s soundtrack. Here is Leonard himself performing […]